TEF Exam Preparation – Intensive Course




The Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF) is an examination designed to test the fluency of non‐native speakers of French. It is recognized by French speaking universities and companies. Students enrolled in the TEF Preparation Course study on an Intensive  or Standard Course for a minimum of 6 weeks to increase their confidence and command of the language and Lextorah Homeworks offers advice and support to help students succeed.

Intermediate level French is required to join this course. The Test Preparation course combines 20 lessons per week of grammar and language skills and 2 lessons per week of study skills and specific exam preparation.

Standardized tests require both general French abilities as well as specific test knowledge; this course offers small classes and advice on exam strategies from experienced teachers to ensure that each student will be fully prepared for his or her examination

Course topics

Course topics include: Accuracy with grammatical structures, communicative skills and ability, functional structures, vocabulary extension, active study skills, and exam skills needed to obtain a high score.


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