Welcome to Homeworks

We provide trusted, world-class homeschooling services for families in Nigeria and around the world via online live classes. and state of the art e-learning management system.

All our online homeschooling services are also available offline, via traditional face to face tuition.

What We Do.

We combine the very best tutoring talent with the latest screen-sharing technology, turning your dining room into the world’s most advanced classroom.

Weekly Reports.

Each week, parents will receive a report from our tutors, outlining student progress in each subject they are undertaking. We like to keep to traditional term times as much as possible, and produce end of term reports just like in school.
Our reports are unique: they measure our four key development metrics: academic ability, improvement, motivation, and confidence.

Subjects Covered.

We cover almost all traditional subjects via online tuition.
Subjects which have a large emphasis on practical coursework, such as Design and Technology and Home Economics at IGCSE and A Level, are sadly not feasible.
However Maths, English, the Sciences, Geography, History, Foreign Languages, Business, Computer Science, ICT, Religious Studies, and much more are possible.

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